MC Store HIGH RESThis year’s Big Wigs Night at the Museum chairwoman, Vicki Tracy, orders a chocolate chip cookie and looks at everyone sitting around the table. With a THIS-IS-BIG-NEWS grin, she claps her hands and bounces in her seat (like a BIG kid with exciting news).

 “Marissa Collections is donating an Arunashi piece to the live auction!”

This is BIG! Way bigger than anything else that could have come out of her mouth in that moment. ARUNASHI, a combination of his and his wife’s first names, has come to “symbolize the realization of the romance and creativity that inspires their work together.”

Arun just happens to be an eight generation jeweler, and each piece is a statement all their own. With his pieces spanning the globe, it’s a fabulously generous gesture for both Arun and Marissa Collections to donate a piece to the live auction.

121125-0388But more than the donated piece, Marissa Collections is donating 10% of every Arunashi piece sold between now and February 7, 2015 to The Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples.

As if you needed a better reason to stroll down Third and do more than window shop!

Please visit Marissa Collections and the landing page of designer Arunashi here:

Please call 239-260-1714 or visit for tickets or sponsorship information for Big Wigs Night at the Museum.

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