Collier County Commissioner Donna Fiala Joins
New Global Heart Imprint Venture

The Seymour Agency, in collaboration with Collier County Commissioner Donna Fiala and Simeris Alliance, has announced the publication of a series of books under a Global Heart imprint. These books are the first in a sincere movement to provide residual income to non-governmental organizations, B-corps, and L3C entities designed to promote positive community involvement.

The first book, The People’s Commissioner: one woman’s quest toward change, will be a collection of vignettes documenting Commissioner Fiala’s effect on East Naples and Marco Island. Proceeds from the sale of this book will benefit the East Naples Kiwanis Foundation, a 501(C)(3) qualified nonprofit organization. 100% of the donations will be used 100% toward children’s programs benefiting underprivileged children in the East Naples area.

“Have you ever been excited yet humbled at the same time? That’s what I feel now,” said Commissioner Fiala, during discussions regarding the book’s content.

The Seymour Agency’s senior literary agent, Nicole Resciniti, spearheaded the Southwest Florida office. “We’re proud to work with local community leaders, to help share their stories and create opportunities to inspire and educate.”

The Seymour Agency is a leading literary agency based in New York representing over one hundred authors, many of whom are New York Times and USA Today bestsellers.


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