Congrats to award-winning author Jaime Rush for her nomination for RT’s Reviewers’ Choice Best Book Awards!

THE END OF DARKNESS is one of the first manuscripts Simeris Alliance staff read for an independent author, and we are beyond thrilled with Jaime’s nomination in the Indie Press/Self-Published Paranormal/Urban Fantasy category!

The dark energy that infects Magnus McLeod’s soul draws him to an Arizona town in crisis—and a woman with a dangerous ability of her own. Erica Evrard isn’t afraid of much, but suddenly she has much to fear. Like Magnus, whose noble heart brings her to life even as his Darkness could kill her. And the group of supernatural humans whose evil plans threaten an entire town.

A group of twenty-somethings live ordinary lives but possess extraordinary psychic abilities. They are the Offspring of parents involved in a mysterious experiment gone awry. Sexy…dangerous…outcasts… They are being hunted by the government and others like them. Together they must find the truth and fight an enemy out to destroy them.

About JAIME RUSH:tina wainscott
Jaime Rush writes the Offspring series for Avon Books. Look for the Hidden, a new series about Crescents, humans with the essence of gods who walk the knife’s edge between the glamour of Miami and a place filled with dark magick. Debuted July 2013!

Jaime also writes romantic suspense under Tina Wainscott.

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