Editorial Services

Words have power.


Developmental Edits

Depending on the project and level of developmental edits needed, per word rates range from $ 0.25 – 1.50.

Copy Edits

After assessing the project, per word rates range from $ 0.05 – 0.50. Flat rates are also available when booking multiple projects.


For academic proofreading to include APA or MLA, the per word rates range from $ 0.05 – 0.25.


Our book coaches discuss and train writers toward reaching their writing goals in a highly customized process.

Copy Writing

Specializing in press releases, newsletter content, and biographies, the flat rates range from $ 75.00 – 200.00 per project.


Video, audio, or email sessions are available for a flat rate ranging from $75 – $300 per hour, depending on the project.


Marisa has been a joy to work with throughout my thesis classes. Her insight and direction has helped me produce a much better product and her enthusiasm for my work kept me motivated and energized even when I was struggling.

Former Student

I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. She provided excellent feedback that I can use in all of my future writing projects. She was engaging and supportive throughout the entirety of the thesis courses. I would recommend her to everyone.

Former Student

Everyone has a story to tell. Don’t let someone else tell your story. But you must learn your craft to tell it well.